start up one-man business
150 square meters company


moving company to Lauwe
300 square meters business
4 man staff


moving company to Marke
3000 square meters business
6 man staff


company in Marke
12 man staff


extra location in Marke (Part Massive, part Furniture & Office)
6500 square meters
25 man staff


A passionate 'young-one' steps away from school in 1994, the idea that he would manage 6500 square meters of creativity 23 years later, made him shiver!

Yet it has become truth, a constant drive, a healthy dose of guts, a great knowledge of the profession, recruiting the right people for the right job have brought them where the company is now.

Through years of dedication and motivation, a new project was given shape. What started as a one-man project was continued with many, the project was given a name: Timmeratelier Desmet became DTA-projects.


Everyone with construction or renovation plans is more than welcome with us. We are convinced that together with you we can give more form and color to your ideas. After an exploratory conversation we give content to your plans, we work together with your interior designer or architect!


In short, DTA wants quality and sustainability in its relationships and projects! This requires clear choices and directions. It is our objective to stay on track and work out what we are really good at.

In this way we give our employees and customers the quality and follow-up they deserve. By making this goal of paramount importance, we guarantee sustainability in all its facets, the future is our best customer.